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About Me

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine on Kauai, Hawaii.

I delight in helping you feel better.  In most cases, after doing a full medical history and current symptom intake and taking your pulse and tongue diagnosis it is clear to me the next steps to take.  I will give you an estimate of how many acupuncture treatments are necessary and explain both my diagnosis and the herbs, dietary and lifestyle advice I prescribe.   However, if I am ever fuzzy on the next step to take with you, I will happily go to my extensive Chinese medical library to find the answer.  Call me today (808) 212-4437 to make an appointment.

After graduating with my masters in 2008 from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, I applied for a Chinese Medicine position at Dr. Dubey's Natural Health Clinic in Lihue, Kauai.  While in a silent meditation retreat I was offered the job, to my glee I found out after the retreat when I was allowed to check my phone messages.  This was the beginning of a career that I had studied eight years for and how I arrived on our dear island.  I practiced out of Dr. Dubey's clinic from 2009 thru 2011.  I've been practicing at Makai Ola - An Integrative Health Clinic in north Kapa'a since 2011.  I especially enjoy treating and have done extra study in the following.  First, the Chinese medicine treatment of autoimmune diseases like eczema, Hashimoto's, scleroderma, psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis.  The treatment into remission of Lyme's disease and Digestive problems like IBS, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.  The treatment of emotional disharmonies including anxiety and depression.  Also, the treatment of women's health issues including fertility, menstruation and pregnancy related concerns.  And finally, treatments for all kinds of pain problems such as post surgical recovery, headaches, chronic muscular and joint problems, arthritis and acute muscular and joint problems. 

I love my job.  A result of following countless dreams, a dream come true.  I grew up with just my momma and baby brother in Detroit.  She was rarely home, often working fifty hour weeks as a nurse in the local ER.  Adamant that I would be whatever I dreamt she reminded me to live my dreams incessantly until breast cancer claimed her life in 2005.  I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Herbal Science from the renown Naturopathic medicine school Bastyr University also in 2005.  While there I decided to shift my focus of getting my doctorate in Naturopathic medicine to getting my Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  My dream shifted with one of those 'aha' moments when the truth is unveiled.  I, for a decade, knew I was to be a doctor... and then with rare clarity I knew that needles and teas were my path.   An acupuncturist I was best suited.    

So I applied to both Bastyr University and the notoriously choosy and challenging Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM).  I was one of the twelve chosen to attend SIOM for three full school years including summers.  A choice that today I celebrate greatful for the intensity of both Chinese and Western medical study as well as Chinese language and counseling courses.

While at SIOM, and after, I had the honor and great privilege of interning with Dr. Kerong Xie.  She is a prominent Chinese medicine doctor specializing in Women's health, especially fertility and chronic illness. Her grace, deep reverence and obsessive study of Chinese herbal formulas made her an extraordinary physician who I strive to resemble as I age.  I made all of her herbal formulas and completed all of her secretarial work for close to two years.

Furthermore, many other masters molded me over the four years it took to earn my Masters.  To name the most influential, Dr. Su, a Chinese medicine dermatology wizard.  Also Dr. Daniel Alschuler a master acupuncturist and great teacher of compassion.  Dr. Miao, another herbal medicine genius.  Dr. Paul Karston, president of SIOM and Taoist acupuncture master with a heart of gold.  And finally, Dr. Steven Brown, an incredible Japanese Acupuncturist who taught me gentleness.  

I bring to you my persistent and passionate study of the elegant Chinese way of healing the body naturally. Together we will easily come up with a doable plan to return you to health.