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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on Kauai Blog. Specializing in pain, fertility and chronic health challenges.


Chronic Pain? Tip 1: Guzzle the Liquid Love... H2O

Carrie Hodder

Embrace Self Care, Embrace Life

This is the first self care tip in a series of tips for living a pain free and jolly life.  

Number One - Guzzle Water

Wash yourself inside and out with water.

Wash yourself inside and out with water.

As we know, we are mostly water.  When we drink plenty of water (3-4 quarts a day) then we are refreshing all of our billions of cells. Like a shower for our cells washing us from the inside.  Liquid love nourishing our whole being.  Keeping the water moving through our cells instead of dirty water stagnating.  

When we are not properly hydrated our cells get more and more dirty.  Inflammatory molecules and inflammatory cofactors are kinda like dirt in our cells... when not hydrated the inflammation basically can build up with no where to go. Your cells get dirtier and dirtier and dirtier... yuck yuck yuck.

Sometimes dehydration is the root of an inflammatory issue and sometimes it is just a contributing factor.  Many times in my practice of Chinese Medicine the most effective cure has been drink more water and lay off the diuretics (caffeine, alcohol).  Diuretics make you pee.  If you are drinking diuretics its even more important to clearly focus on drinking plenty of water. Issues like plantar fasciitis and chronic back pain can sometimes go poof... just with focused guzzling.  

So pour yourself a quart of liquid love (H20) and guzzle first thing in the morning.  A refreshing shower for your insides.  And then drink abundant water and herbal teas for the rest of the day. Imagine the liquid love rolling in and sweeping all of the inflammation away.  Visualization has been proven scientifically to work wonders.  

Need help drinking more?

1.  Set a realistic goal.  (2 qrts, 3 qrts, 1 gallon)  Measure your progress.

2.  Place yummies in water.  (mineral drops, cucumber, lemon, mint ect.)

3.  Purchase a fancy thermos with a straw (Hydro Flask) ...many find straw guzzling more effective for the drinking lots of water goal.

4.  Replace juice, coffee, soda, alcohol with liquid love... pure H2O


Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel at getting to the root of your problem.  More often than not there are a few roots rather then one.  Chronic dehydration is a common root.   Integrating loving self care techniques like guzzling liquid love engenders wellness and radiance. A Chinese Medicine Practitioner utilizes time tested techniques along side lifestyle advice to get you back in balance.  

Go ahead and give me a call anytime.  (808) 212-4437

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Let's feel better every day,

Carrie "Karu" Allen LAc MAcOM