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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on Kauai Blog. Specializing in pain, fertility and chronic health challenges.


Practicing Presence Again and Again

Carrie Hodder

Practicing presence, balance and vitality keeps us joyfully engaged in life.


We think about things.  And often our thinking turns into worrying or negative thinking or planning or obsessing or...  Practicing presence is the practice of letting go of all the thinking. Practicing presence brings us back to listening to the birds, watching the sunset, gazing into our dear one's eyes and experiencing our breath. This is really fun.  Experiencing life is way more delightful than worrying about it.  Of course, it takes practice and patience and, like all things that take practice and patience... WILL get easier day by day.  Did I mention how fun this is.  Practicing presence is basically practicing opening to joy, opening to love and opening to life.  There are many different ways to practice presence.  I promise that the more that you sprinkle these activities into your life the more wonderful your life will become.  The following are 10 easy practices to purposefully enter into your every day.   Get creative! The more the merrier.

1.  Count your deep breaths.

2. Count your blessings.

3. Listen deeply to all of the sounds.

4. Listen deeply to your breath and heart beat.

5. Listen deeply to your friends breath and heart beat.

6. Smell the smells.

7. Smell the flowers, trees and ocean.

8. Taste every bite.  

9. Feel the wind brush your skin and tickle your scalp.

10. Feel the love in your heart.

Try one of these exercises right now and then notice how you feel.  

And most importantly, don't be hard on yourself when you catch yourself worrying or negative thinking again and again.  Retraining the mind for peace and joy is like training a puppy.  You wouldn't kick a puppy right. 

Some folks use cell phone reminders to remember to breathe, feel, look, listen or smell.  And Some folks like to give themselves scheduled times for praying or meditating in the morning or evening. Research shows over and over that gifting yourself five minutes of practicing presence every day helps you to make better decisions, stay away from addictions and vices and lead a much happier life.   Just softly start counting your deep breaths or feeling the love in your heart.  In no time you will be sprinkling the sparkles of presence all over your life intill your life shines like the sun.  And slowly over time you will find yourself enjoying life more often then being in your head.

Share your favorite presence practices below in the comments section of my blog.

I love helping you live a more joyful life, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel at helping with this process, so call me anytime.

Love, Karu


There are many ways to practice presence.

There are many ways to practice presence.