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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on Kauai Blog. Specializing in pain, fertility and chronic health challenges.


Chronic Pain? Tip 1: Guzzle the Liquid Love... H2O

Carrie Hodder

Embrace Self Care, Embrace Life

This is the first self care tip in a series of tips for living a pain free and jolly life.  

Number One - Guzzle Water

Wash yourself inside and out with water.

Wash yourself inside and out with water.

As we know, we are mostly water.  When we drink plenty of water (3-4 quarts a day) then we are refreshing all of our billions of cells. Like a shower for our cells washing us from the inside.  Liquid love nourishing our whole being.  Keeping the water moving through our cells instead of dirty water stagnating.  

When we are not properly hydrated our cells get more and more dirty.  Inflammatory molecules and inflammatory cofactors are kinda like dirt in our cells... when not hydrated the inflammation basically can build up with no where to go. Your cells get dirtier and dirtier and dirtier... yuck yuck yuck.

Sometimes dehydration is the root of an inflammatory issue and sometimes it is just a contributing factor.  Many times in my practice of Chinese Medicine the most effective cure has been drink more water and lay off the diuretics (caffeine, alcohol).  Diuretics make you pee.  If you are drinking diuretics its even more important to clearly focus on drinking plenty of water. Issues like plantar fasciitis and chronic back pain can sometimes go poof... just with focused guzzling.  

So pour yourself a quart of liquid love (H20) and guzzle first thing in the morning.  A refreshing shower for your insides.  And then drink abundant water and herbal teas for the rest of the day. Imagine the liquid love rolling in and sweeping all of the inflammation away.  Visualization has been proven scientifically to work wonders.  

Need help drinking more?

1.  Set a realistic goal.  (2 qrts, 3 qrts, 1 gallon)  Measure your progress.

2.  Place yummies in water.  (mineral drops, cucumber, lemon, mint ect.)

3.  Purchase a fancy thermos with a straw (Hydro Flask) ...many find straw guzzling more effective for the drinking lots of water goal.

4.  Replace juice, coffee, soda, alcohol with liquid love... pure H2O


Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel at getting to the root of your problem.  More often than not there are a few roots rather then one.  Chronic dehydration is a common root.   Integrating loving self care techniques like guzzling liquid love engenders wellness and radiance. A Chinese Medicine Practitioner utilizes time tested techniques along side lifestyle advice to get you back in balance.  

Go ahead and give me a call anytime.  (808) 212-4437

Or email me at 

Let's feel better every day,

Carrie "Karu" Allen LAc MAcOM



Stop, Look and Listen: the Beautiful Now

Carrie Hodder

Like many of us, my personality always collects things to do.  More and more...  Over time I have burnt myself out, again and again... Through trial and error I have internalized the mighty importance of marrying the me who has lots to do with the 'me who just is'.  Attempting to bring breath and presence into all, or at least most, of my moments.  This has been a long time coming and a result of stressing myself out with Master's level study and juggling way to much.  Going far, far, far into anxiety held the precious blessing of learning how to practice presence and breath. Practicing presence and breath is the ultimate antidote to stress.  While, Chinese herbs and acupuncture help to re-pattern the stress response. And reducing the stimulants (coffee, chocolate, mate', tea) makes the healing into peace much quicker.

How much are you juggling?

Balance = Joy

Balance = Joy

I, probably like you, have perfected the relationship with the doer in me.  It's the 'me who just is' that me and most of my patients neglect. Everything in life holds a yin and a yang aspect, the 'me who just is' is no different.  On the one hand, the 'me who just is' sleeps in, takes long walks, takes picnics, watches the sunset, takes days off, goes to the beach, lays in the grass, floats in the ocean, rests in the hammock, rests in the sunshine, rests.  On the other hand the the 'me who just is' also notices the beauty of the clouds as I drive to work.  Notices the fullness of my breath as I drive to work.  Notices my posture as I drive to work. Chooses music that will uplift me before my drive to work.  Feels the wind in my hair, smells the ocean and rain.  Feels the sadness or gladness in my heart. The 'me who just is' practices presence and breathes deep. 

Both sides of the 'me who just is' are worth examining.  First, do you schedule in relaxing me time.  Second, do you enjoy life. 

This is so important because almost all of my patients are burning themselves out, running themselves ragged, abusing there sweet little adrenal glands.  Too much fight or flight energy, zooming around from task to task with out enjoyment. Eek!  Bad news bears!  Resting and presence will re-pattern the whole system.  Instead of go, go, go... how about breathe, breathe, breathe, enjoy. A joyful life!

Stop, see the world around you, hear your breath.  Stop, see the gratitude in your heart, hear the birds sing.  Stop, see the beauty, hear the car wiz past.  Stop, see their eyes, hear their voice.  Stop, see your purpose, hear your presence.

Stop, see the world around you, hear your breath.  Stop, see the gratitude in your heart, hear the birds sing.  Stop, see the beauty, hear the car wiz past.  Stop, see their eyes, hear their voice.  Stop, see your purpose, hear your presence.

Use your iphone alarm to remind you, "this is my time to stop, look and listen.  To feel, smell and most importantly breathe.  Maybe every 10 minutes, maybe once an hour, maybe a few times a day.  Maybe at every stop light.  Maybe with every meal you stop, see the gratitude in your heart and hear the breath in your lungs.  Day by day a new habit is born.  The habit of stop, look and listen.  The habit of deep breathing and enjoying.  The habit of self connecting. You work up to enjoying all your time, enjoying being alive.  And enjoying taking really great care of you.  Because you can't take really great care of anyone else till you take really great care of you. 

Find yourself with an extra 10 minutes, do you go to your Facebook or do you sit and enjoy your breath, feel your feelings? 

Your doer may not like this sort of goofing off.  "You have things to do" your doer says in a serious voice.  Of utmost importance to note is that many of the activities that the doer takes part in can easily be shifted into the 'me who just is' realm.  The ultimate balancing of the yin and yang.  

Feel your feet on the earth.

Feel your feet on the earth.

For example, working in the garden.  If working in your garden is on your list of things to do and is a chore to finish and the conclusion is the gift then it's on the doer side.  If working in the garden is a choice you make that feels luxurious, with the sun upon your back and the dirt under your toes.  If it feels like a gift to yourself and you are actively enjoying sensations and breath then you are in the 'me who just is' realm.  You are in 'rest and digest' and you are not stressed.

Making choices in order to stress less and less.

How can you shift your consciousness so that driving to work, working and eating dinner all are wonderful expressions of living?  How can every doer task be a joy.  How can you have a day full of doing with no stress.  No taxing your adrenal glands.

Yes, replacing stress with breath and joy.  Enjoying our precious days here on Earth.

This is fundamental for our healthy longevity because the more we are in breath and joy, the more that we are in 'the me who just is', the more we are in the parasympathetic nervous system the healthier we are.  No question, stress kills.  Stress causes suffering.  Let stress go. Breathe stress out.

To do and to be simultaneously.

This way we are not burning our adrenals.  We are not depleting the precious Kidney Qi that is our finite source in Chinese medical theory.  We were born with only so much and the more we drain the less we have.  The more stress we have the less health we have.

On the flip side, our bodies are getting healthier day by day as we choose peace and joy instead of stress.  Our adrenals can finally relax as we walk calmly from task to task breathing deeply and feeling gratitude in our hearts.  The more joy we have the healthier we are.  The more peace we have the healthier we are.

Joy and peace is a choice.  A choice we make moment by moment day by day. Let's grow healthier.

I help people live more whole lives. Go ahead and give me a call.  (808) 212-4437

Yours Truly,

Carrie 'Karu' Hodder LAc MAcOM




Practicing Presence Again and Again

Carrie Hodder

Practicing presence, balance and vitality keeps us joyfully engaged in life.


We think about things.  And often our thinking turns into worrying or negative thinking or planning or obsessing or...  Practicing presence is the practice of letting go of all the thinking. Practicing presence brings us back to listening to the birds, watching the sunset, gazing into our dear one's eyes and experiencing our breath. This is really fun.  Experiencing life is way more delightful than worrying about it.  Of course, it takes practice and patience and, like all things that take practice and patience... WILL get easier day by day.  Did I mention how fun this is.  Practicing presence is basically practicing opening to joy, opening to love and opening to life.  There are many different ways to practice presence.  I promise that the more that you sprinkle these activities into your life the more wonderful your life will become.  The following are 10 easy practices to purposefully enter into your every day.   Get creative! The more the merrier.

1.  Count your deep breaths.

2. Count your blessings.

3. Listen deeply to all of the sounds.

4. Listen deeply to your breath and heart beat.

5. Listen deeply to your friends breath and heart beat.

6. Smell the smells.

7. Smell the flowers, trees and ocean.

8. Taste every bite.  

9. Feel the wind brush your skin and tickle your scalp.

10. Feel the love in your heart.

Try one of these exercises right now and then notice how you feel.  

And most importantly, don't be hard on yourself when you catch yourself worrying or negative thinking again and again.  Retraining the mind for peace and joy is like training a puppy.  You wouldn't kick a puppy right. 

Some folks use cell phone reminders to remember to breathe, feel, look, listen or smell.  And Some folks like to give themselves scheduled times for praying or meditating in the morning or evening. Research shows over and over that gifting yourself five minutes of practicing presence every day helps you to make better decisions, stay away from addictions and vices and lead a much happier life.   Just softly start counting your deep breaths or feeling the love in your heart.  In no time you will be sprinkling the sparkles of presence all over your life intill your life shines like the sun.  And slowly over time you will find yourself enjoying life more often then being in your head.

Share your favorite presence practices below in the comments section of my blog.

I love helping you live a more joyful life, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel at helping with this process, so call me anytime.

Love, Karu


There are many ways to practice presence.

There are many ways to practice presence.